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Welcome to FSTC IKARE


You are welcome to College’s website.

Please, feel free to have a tour of what Federal Science and Technical College, Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State has to offer students, parents and the nation at large.

Federal Science and Technical College, Ikare-Akoko was founded as a co-educational institution with boarding facilities from the defunct Ondo State College of Arts and Science (OSCAS) in 1999.


The College is situated in Ikare Town along Ikare-Ado Ekiti Road. The College whose students’ population at its inception on 25th April, 2000 was 192 now has a total enrolment of 804 which comprises of 552 boys and 252 girls.

The Staff Strength is 133 including the Principal and five Vice-Principals; Academic Staff is 77 while the non-Academic staff strength is also 56. The College runs the Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and Technical Curricula.

The Approved External Examinations provided for in the College are West African Senior School Certificate Examination(WASSCE), awarded by West African Examination Council (WAEC) and Senior Secondary Certificate, awarded by National Examination Council (NECO), National Technical Certificate (NTC) awarded by National Business and Technical Education Board (NABTEB).


MOTTO is “Knowledge and Skill for Self reliance”


VISION STATEMENT is “To provide quality Science and Technical Education that will make individuals to be responsible and self-reliant thus contributing to the nation’s growth and development”


MISSION STATEMENT is “To mobilise human and material resources for the development of skilled manpower essential for nation building”


With aim an objectives of the school are derived from Nigeria’s National policy on education.  In general terms, the school strives to achieve the aims and Objectives of secondary education as enunciated in the relevant portion of the National policy on education.  Briefly these include:

  1. To provide opportunity for the development of the natural innate abilities of the student to the fullest
  2. To prepare the child to live in an increasingly more dynamic, Integrated and competitive world. 
  3. To enable the child grow up useful to himself/herself and to his/her community at large.
  4. To prepare the child for higher education.
  5. To foster national unity and promote human relationship.
  6. To develop the Nigerian child whose education is well rounded, who is capable of using the hands, the head and the heart effectively.


In pursuance of the above stated aims and objectives the school works toward planning and developing and executing a well-articulated programme of activities which are intended to achieve the following:

Intellectual development:   Through teaching and learning.

Physical development:       To develop a sound mind in a sound body.

Moral development:            Through the worthy examples of teachers and others in positions of guidance as well as providing opportunities for religious and moral instructions.

Social development:             through co-curricular activities, clubs and’ societies as well as providing opportunities for interaction with others.

Vocational development:       providing the student with opportunities to acquire vocation skills and experience


Federal Science and Technical College, Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State guarantees national integration and national building among Nigerian children. It is a College lavished with resources, properly maintained and staffed with the best teachers. It serves as a role model to educational institutions around; both state government and private educational institutions.

The College produces young men and women with broad-mindset from various backgrounds and culture and a common bond of unity – the school tie – that transcends tribalism and ethnicity is created.

The College offers a comprehensive and all-embracing curriculum for academic excellence and total development of its students into responsible ADULTS. It promotes the THREE domains of Intelligence – Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor.

As a parent, choosing the right school for your child is of utmost importance as a child needs to develop in the right environment, get the right set of skills, not only mentally, but also physically and socially.

FSTC Ikare-Akoko offers you this and more. On behalf of the Management, Staff and Students of the College, I wish to congratulate you in advance as you choose FSTC Ikare-Akok as the citadel of learning for your child. Once again, you are welcome to FSTC Ikare Akoko and to what it is hoped will be a life-long relationship. Do have a great time going through the website.